Euless Sprinkler Repair FAQs

a buffalo grass lawn in EulessWhen Should I Water My Lawn?

In Euless you need to water your lawn about once a week even though watering restrictions may allow more than this. Typical lawns in northern Texas need around an inch of water a week to maintain a plush green look even during the hottest days of summer. Watering more often can lead to fungal diseases in the roots of your plants.

morning dew is a great sign for your lawnIs It Best To Water Your Lawn In the Morning?

Yes, the best time to water your lawn is between dawn and 10 am. This keeps water from evaporating because the sun hasn't had time to raise the ground temperature. This allows the water to trickle down into the soil where the plants take it in at the roots. A well hydrated lawn will be much more likely to survive the hot and dry conditions during the Texas summer.

a spray style sprinkler headWhat Is the Best Way to Water my Lawn?

A professionally installed sprinkler system is the best way to get even coverage over your lawn. It is also the most efficient watering technique. With traditional hand watering, over half of the water used is lost to run-off or drains too deep for plants roots to use.

an automatic sprinkler controllerHow Does My Sprinkler Know When to Start?

As long as your sprinkler system comes with a controller module, it can be programmed to turn the sprinkler on and off at set times during the week. You determine the length of the watering as well as the time of day. Our Euless sprinkler repair team suggests controllers should be hooked to rain sensors that will automatically bypass the scheduled watering cycle if it is not necessary.

a wireless rain sensorWhat Is a Rain Senor?

A rain senor is a small disk that swells in the presence of water and shrinks as it dries out. When the disk swells it closes off the sprinkler valves and triggers a mechanism that prevents the controller from operating. This sensor will also prevent over watering when there has been a light amount of rain in the same manner.

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